It is observed that a large portion of society in this Tiruvuru Revenue Division area comes under backwardness, whatever be the caste or the religion of the peoples may be. An impressive highlighting aspect of this region is that all the people are together in sharing their pains and gains, without any ill feelings against anyone or among themselves. The quality of pleasing fraternity of the people in this area, keeps them joyful but their material benefits, comforts and wealth are minimal, due to their growing poverty day after day. Many of them are easily losing even the limited assets and properties they possess.

Under those pulling down conditions of backwardness, it is envisaged to make the elders of the families happy in their pursuits and to provide possible education to their children. For realising the happy hopes of the people, KITS is established with cooperative methodology. In the past, a very famous poet in Telugu, Sri Gurajada Apparao, of 19th century had written revolutionary verses to bring social sharing and equality among people. He wrote plainly as, “forego your benefits little so as to help your neighbours” (sontha laabhamu kontha maanuku poruguvaaniki todupadavoy). He was able to bring so much change in the attitudes of people of his State. The same theme of the highly esteemed poet is considered as our thriving and leading force for doing and directing the KITS activities. In building self helping rural areas, many activities are being dreamt which will aim at the welfare of the people.

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As the families of many students in this region are struggling in their studies due to inherent problems of poverty and backwardness. Hence they are unable to provide continuous financial and psychological support to their own children. This inbuilt trend is happening year long and thus large numbers of dropouts can be noticeable from many schools and colleges. It is becoming an unavoidable practice of discontinuing the studies of their children at any level of education. Thus, three groups of children and youngsters can be vividly seen in this area. One group is without education, another group consists of dropouts from their studies and the third group is mainly composed of well qualified people, awaiting for suitable job.

In the scenario discussed and described as above, following are the desired objectives that are expected from the students and people in general in these rural areas.

Prime Objectives of the KITS are as follows.

  1. Making elders of the families happy and to provide required education to their children in suitable schools, colleges and institutes.  
  2. Giving financial support to the people who do small scale businesses through the small savings they are pooling up for doing their profession.
  3. Extending timely help and minimal services to the business fraternity when ever unknowingly they get losses in their businesses.
  4. To activate children and youngsters in the society about their rights and opportunities.
  5. To encourage and to give support for the students of all ages and all classes to get educated and to make them realise the benefits of education.
  6. To help students to continue their studies without facing hindrance in their education.
  7. To provide financial help and active directions to the qualified students in getting a suitable job as per their skills, qualifications and eligibilities.



It is wisely said by our ancestors from their experiences. They said, “it is difficult for everyone to help all other people, but it can be made much easier if each person helps another person.”

On keeping this concept in mind, it is aimed at requesting each person in the Tiruvuru Revenue Division, to help voluntarily in mobilising the required funds for materialising the various objectives of our company. It is well known to all of us that when someone in a family is asking for a financial support, how other members of the family used to share from their resources and provide required help to the needy person. In a similar way, we consider the people of Tiruvuru Revenue Division as a united family. In this thematic family feeling, we request each person to contribute voluntarily for the benefit of their fellow neighbours.

As per our requisitions, we keep advising the people that they can make donations and offerings to our Organization, especially on the occasions of their birthdays, marriage days, festivals, special occasions, with an inner feeling of happy celebrations on the respective occasions, duly creating facility to make the people around them also happy through the generated services of our Organization. 


Our company has its bank account in the State bank of India, Tiruvuru. The money collected through voluntary donations from the people, will be cautiously resourced and each rupee will be spent judiciously and carefully to meet the aims, themes and objectives of our service motive company. The expected donations are meant for people and will be spent in services.


The balance sheet of the company with the details of income and expenditure will be made available to all our members, applicants, customers and stakeholders in perfect transparency at the end of every financial year, duly following the auditory priorities in tabling, displaying and communicating the financial data pertaining to the activities done in the year.


It is to inform that the different issues pertaining to the matters of execution of works and services, final decision is vested only with the executive members of KITS  Organization. 


Bank Details

Our Organization has opened a savings account in the State Bank of India at Tiruvuru. In our receiving donations and while doing various expenditures and in the financial transactions, SBI will be considered as our source bank facility, for all our lead programmes.

SBI account No: 30300314220.

IFSC  Code No : SBIN0021421.


It is happy to know that all the members of the executive board and advisory board are well educated and some of them are highly qualified in their fields of education. All our respected members making governance of the Organization are more devoted and desired in uplifting the rural folks in general and are particularly interested to work for the welfare and well being of all the people of the constituency and are specially concerned to ignite the minds and to elevate the status of the youth from economically poor, educationally backward and socially downtrodden people. The members are for the welfare of the society.


Executive Members

President                                 : Vikram Burri

Vice President                         : Indira Devi Boddu               

Secretary                                 : Kasturi B Jangam                 

Joint Secretary                         : Saily Kokkeragadda            

Treasurer                                 : Suma Siri Juvvala                 

Executive Member                  : Bhaswanth  Domathoti                                   

Executive Member                  : Bala Siddartha Boddu


Advisory Board Members

Sri Bhaskara Rao Kokkeragadda, Retd Principal

Sri Purnanandam Kokkeragadda, Retd Rector, JNTUK, Kakinada

Sri Karuna Rao Kokkeragadda, Retd Principal

Sri Medikonda Donbosco, School Assistant, ZPHS, Shanthi Nagar, Khammam

Sri George Thomas Juvvala, School Assistant, ZPHS, Gangaram, Khammam District


The Organization aims and pursues to bring active involvement and interest from the people of the constituency in developing their own region duly getting and sharing the benefits of progress made by them. Thus, while building a better society, the basic works that are to be taken up as per the need of the times and situations, the facilities that are envisaged by the Organization for the benefit of the public in particular are as shown below.

  1. To encourage all children to go to the schools so as to get good education and thus supporting the education system in increasing the literacy rate.
  2. Providing financial help to those students who are not in a position to continue their education, and imparting required guidance to their families.
  3. Establishing of an Old Age Home for taking care and for sheltering the old peoples.  In case if helpless old people are identified, providing financial support either to them or to their care takers till such time of starting a new old age home. If any old age home is presently available nearer to the choices of old people, they may be admitted there, under the active concerns of our company.
  4. Providing financial support to those business people who plan to settle down in their lives, while doing small scale businesses at their choice locations.
  5. Providing financial help and any other required facilities to the troubled people who have lost their homes due to burning in fires or due to natural calamities and to those who faced unforeseen accidents and hardships in their lives. In such struggling times, our company will try in every way to bring relief to the effected people.   


Our dream of establishing One Person Company is to bring change in the minds and habits of rural people towards progressive work culture and to engage their times in active involvement for learning and earnings. It is increasingly being felt that when a person is better educated, he/she will be surely working to build a good self-maintenance, better services to his/her family and the best services to the society. Further, in doing their activities in improved and disciplined ways, those people will derive confidence in themselves to achieve great heights in their careers. Finally, individuals and the society in their united strength will be recreating the safety, security, comfort, happiness, harmony and peace. Thus, the graceful goals of the company could be realised by transforming the people from the state of poverty and helplessness towards self sufficiency with better standards of living conditions. As Vedic quotes dictate and ancient chants proclaim, “sarveh janah sukhino bhavantu”, let all the people be comfortable in their lives. May noble thoughts come to us from every side to derive joy. 


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