In the whole of universe, humans are the most valuable beings. In comparison, all other forms of living and non-living things are existing for the benefit and benevolence of human beings. If a vivid review is made, it can be observed that different religions of the world, non-religion advocators, materialists and every group of intellects claim and aim for the welfare of people, in general. Thus, it is needless to insist that everyone’s efforts in the society should have to be channelized to establish fair, free, festive and frictionless society. In such a reformed society, happiness, health, harmony, peace, prosperity, power, position and privileges, safety and security are made available in equal proportions to the reach of all the races, all the castes, all the creeds, all the genders and to all the age groups, as per the deserving potential of the individuals. It is then possible for the people to live in a civilized happy society.

World is the coexistence of people from various countries more than 245 in numbers, which are spread on different continents of the earth. Among these, very few countries are highly advanced and well developed, some countries are developing nations and many other nations are considered as poor countries. Our own mother land India, more known to mankind as Bharat has entered into the praise worthy group of the developing countries of the world. As India is an ancient land of traditional knowledge, a subcontinent for many castes, creeds and religions, it is to be remembered that the wealth and welfare of the nation depend on the contributions and distributions earned and offered by each citizen of the nation. Such an equitable share from the individuals would be possible only when the society is provided with the required rights and equalities, facilities and privileges, opportunities and assurances by the ruling people, professional leaders, entrepreneurs and various voluntary organisations, without showing any discrimination among the citizens. In transforming our highly populated India into a developed country, it is desired that many insightful people have to put forth efforts to educate rural folk and to encourage them to be workaholic in their respective fields of activity that would be culminating in building their own nation.

About Us

In the State of Andhra Pradesh, there are many districts presently. In near future, the number of districts in the State may also be increased. Among these, Krishna district is well known to the other parts of the country and even to the large social segments of the world. It is mainly because of great ancestors of this region, who were pioneers in making the country, a proud nation. Though, Krishna district as a whole is well and wealthy in many fronts, not all territories are developed. There are lot of assembly constituencies, which are not prosperous and are facing lots of challenges in every front of everyday growth. One such very ill fated, poverty stricken are in NTR District is Tiruvuru Revenue Division.

Many reasons for the backwardness of Tiruvuru Revenue Division can be cited. The Revenue Division itself is of a significant size with main town being Tiruvuru. It is a small town located at 80 km away from the city Vijayawada. Since, this constituency is reserved for Scheduled Castes, challenges are many and progressive works face many hurdles, resulting in meagre growth of the regions. Even, the location of Tiruvuru being on northern edge of NTR district has caused unnoticed overlook by the many administrators. Except one Junior College, one Degree College, Govt. has not established any other types of institutes in the region. Neither private institutions, nor establishments came up in this area. Further, the lack of companies, public industries, private firms and absence of development centres has pulled down the people, creating drastic down trading trends in this constituency. Over all education, and average literacy rate of the people is much low in this area.

In view of such prevailing situations of this region, it is felt much needed to agitate the passive state of minds towards education and enduring achievements, for reaping success from their own studies. In an effort to activate and motivate the youngsters, support students in the field of education, help the endeavouring people to get suitable and sustainable jobs and to create self survival and serving opportunities to the desiring enthusiasts, our one person company name VEE Solutions (Vincent Empower and Employment Solutions (OPC) Private Limited, Tiruvuru) has started. As per the latest norms and regulations required permissions are obtained from the concerned and respective authorities of the Government.

Company is established with some specific themes, objectives and goals. As the company will be operated in accordance with the resolutions made in a united governing body. An overall aim of the company is to provide possible opportunities to all categories of people, both to male and female genders of Tiruvuru Revenue Division.



Following are the different services that are available and can be provided to the applicants, customers and future collaborators. These services can be obtained from our VEE Solutions, any time of any day, from our office.

Anybody can consult for any sort of advises, directions, information and even for help in respect of their developmental requirements, educational pursuits, professional careers and progressive aims. Our office is kept open 24/7 through the months and the years. You need feel any hesitation or shy while asking for information and enquiring for required details.


Toll Free Number

The toll free number of our Company : 08069588470

You may dial to the toll free number given as above to get the information you desired. When you make use the facility of toll free number, you need not pay any charges for your talking times with the company concerning your queries and our services.      


In our Company, there is certain stipulated fee required to be paid for registration. The registration can be done in the following categories.  


  • Unemployed persons from 18 years to 50 years
  • Basic Information about Business/ Institution/ Organization/ Services
  • Detail Information about Business/ Institution/ Organization/ Services
  • Sale of Movable Items/ Immovable Items


Benefits of Registration

Once registration is done our in company, those registered customers will duly be informed continually about the details of facilities in education and career opportunities, about jobs in government and private establishments and in relevant areas of working centres.

As per the chances arising, they will be informed about jobs and will be offered full time or part time jobs and facilitating works as per their skills and professional abilities. 

As per the availability of working times on the systems, people having registration done, will be allowed make use of the internet facilities for an hour long either in our main office or in our branch offices. This privilege is offered only to our customers.

Required entering and uploading of data and details in online, concerning their education and employment, will be done on free of cost for benefitting our applicants. 

Whoever calls us regarding their business plans and activities, we will be providing detailed information, suggestions and our services to the required extent. This act of ours will be of immense help in developing their businesses in empowering themselves with progress.

Whoever wants to sell their Movable or Immovable Items, it can be done easily, effectively and profitably in faster time span, with the facility of services available in company.

Call to Action

You may dial to the toll free number given as above to get the information you desired. When you make use the facility of toll free number, you need not pay any charges for your talking times with the company concerning your queries and our services.

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