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Vincent Filmy Tales (Vincent Filmy Tales (OPC) Private Limited, Tiruvuru)

In this digital age, having equipped with the modern tools, gadgets and technologies, every citizen is having dreams to do something special and to make a name for themselves and for their families. It is very natural to assume that everyone has innate talents to create wonderful world of his/her choices and can carve a credible achievement. Thus, the inbuilt eligibility in persons recreates them to bring creative works from their ideas and experiences.

As the bright technology is available with the urban elite and agencies, the same techniques may be brought and be introduced into the rural areas. Such an exchange of machine power and human talents, between the urban people and rural folks, makes a progressive platform for the society. As per the views explained, the listed objectives are as follows.

Prime Objectives of Vincent Filmy Tales

  1. Identifying the areas and the people where talents and skills are available.
  2. Finding out the urban centers of technical excellence and to initiate for exchanging and experiencing the meritorious methods in fields of films and photography.
  3. Encouraging the interested rural artists and photographers to learn filmy techniques.
  4. Providing technical and financial support to create and produce short films.
  5. Giving help and guidance to talented persons to make relevant films for inculcating enthusiasm and workaholic activism among the rural people in general.

Programmes in Vincent Filmy Tales

In an inspiring curriculum planned, the following courses are provided in VINCENT Filmy Tales, imparting excellent understanding, encouragement and expertise.      

Candid photography

Candid Vediography

Cinematic Films for Wedding

Port Folios



Specialisation in Pre Wedding (Outdoor & Indoor)

Photography Training

Editing Training



These programmes and courses are of immense help to the interested students, when they finish the training in the technicalities and enter into professional works.

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